REVTWOWAY(3am)                      GNU Awk Extension Modules                      REVTWOWAY(3am)

       revtwoway - Reverse strings sample two-way processor extension

       @load "revtwoway"

       BEGIN {
           cmd = "/magic/mirror"
           print "hello, world" |& cmd
           cmd |& getline result
           print result

       The  revtwoway  extension  adds a simple two-way processor that reverses the characters in
       each line sent to it for reading back by the AWK program.  It's main purpose  is  to  show
       how to write a two-way extension, although it may also be mildy amusing.

       GAWK:  Effective  AWK  Programming, filefuncs(3am), fnmatch(3am), fork(3am), inplace(3am),
       ordchr(3am), readdir(3am), readfile(3am), revoutput(3am), rwarray(3am), time(3am).

       Arnold Robbins, arnold@skeeve.com.

       Copyright © 2012, 2013, Free Software Foundation, Inc.

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