SKILL(1)                                  User Commands                                  SKILL(1)

       skill, snice - send a signal or report process status

       skill [signal] [options] expression
       snice [new priority] [options] expression

       These  tools are obsolete and unportable.  The command syntax is poorly defined.  Consider
       using the killall, pkill, and pgrep commands instead.

       The default signal for skill is TERM.  Use -l or -L to list available  signals.   Particu‐
       larly  useful signals include HUP, INT, KILL, STOP, CONT, and 0.  Alternate signals may be
       specified in three ways: -9 -SIGKILL -KILL.

       The default priority for snice is +4.  Priority numbers range from +20  (slowest)  to  -20
       (fastest).  Negative priority numbers are restricted to administrative users.

       -f, --fast
              Fast mode.  This option has not been implemented.

       -i, --interactive
              Interactive use.  You will be asked to approve each action.

       -l, --list
              List all signal names.

       -L, --table
              List all signal names in a nice table.

       -n, --no-action
              No  action;  perform  a  simulation  of events that would occur but do not actually
              change the system.

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose; explain what is being done.

       -w, --warnings
              Enable warnings.  This option has not been implemented.

       -h, --help
              Display help text and exit.

       -V, --version
              Display version information.

       Selection criteria can be: terminal, user, pid, command.  The options below may be used to
       ensure correct interpretation.

       -t, --tty tty
              The next expression is a terminal (tty or pty).

       -u, --user user
              The next expression is a username.

       -p, --pid pid
              The next expression is a process ID number.

       -c, --command command
              The next expression is a command name.

       --ns pid
              Match the processes that belong to the same namespace as pid.

       --nslist ns,...
              list  which  namespaces  will  be considered for the --ns option.  Available names‐
              paces: ipc, mnt, net, pid, user, uts.

       The behavior of signals is explained in signal(7) manual page.

       snice -c seti -c crack +7
              Slow down seti and crack commands.

       skill -KILL -t /dev/pts/*
              Kill users on PTY devices.

       skill -STOP -u viro -u lm -u davem
              Stop three users.

       kill(1), kill(2), killall(1), nice(1), pkill(1), renice(1), signal(7)

       No standards apply.

       Albert Cahalan ⟨albert@users.sf.net⟩ wrote skill and snice in 1999 as a replacement for  a
       non-free version.

       Please send bug reports to ⟨procps@freelists.org⟩

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