TEE(1)                                    User Commands                                    TEE(1)

       tee - read from standard input and write to standard output and files

       tee [OPTION]... [FILE]...

       Copy standard input to each FILE, and also to standard output.

       -a, --append
              append to the given FILEs, do not overwrite

       -i, --ignore-interrupts
              ignore interrupt signals

       -p     diagnose errors writing to non pipes

              set behavior on write error.  See MODE below

       --help display this help and exit

              output version information and exit

   MODE determines behavior with write errors on the outputs:
       'warn' diagnose errors writing to any output

              diagnose errors writing to any output not a pipe

       'exit' exit on error writing to any output

              exit on error writing to any output not a pipe

       The  default  MODE  for the -p option is 'warn-nopipe'.  The default operation when --out‐
       put-error is not specified, is to exit immediately on error writing to a pipe,  and  diag‐
       nose errors writing to non pipe outputs.

       Written by Mike Parker, Richard M. Stallman, and David MacKenzie.

       GNU coreutils online help: 
       Report tee translation bugs to 

       Copyright  ©  2016  Free  Software  Foundation, Inc.  License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or
       later .
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO  WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.

       Full documentation at: 
       or available locally via: info '(coreutils) tee invocation'

GNU coreutils 8.25                        February 2016                                    TEE(1)


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