UPDATE-CATALOG(8)                             Debian                            UPDATE-CATALOG(8)

       update-catalog - create or update entry in SGML catalog file

       update-catalog [options] --add centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog

       update-catalog [options] --remove centralized_catalog ordinary_catalog

       update-catalog [options] --update-super

       update-catalog  inserts,  updates  or  removes  entries  in  the SGML centralized catalogs
       located in /etc/sgml.  To change the SGML super catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog  mod‐
       ify  the  directory  contents of /etc/sgml to contain new files or symbolic links having a
       .cat extension or remove (or move) existing centralized catalogs and regenerate the  super
       catalog  using  the  --update-super  option.  See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the
       generation process.

       --add  Adds an entry for the ordinary_catalog in the centralized_catalog.

              Removes the entry for the ordinary_catalog from the centralized_catalog.

              Regenerates the SGML super catalog from the contents of  the  /etc/sgml  directory.
              See section SUPER CATALOG for details on the super catalog generation.

              Prevents the usual diagnostic output.

       --test Prevents  the  update of the catalog and writes the resulting SGML catalog to stan‐
              dard output.

              Displays the version information and exits.

       --help Display the usage information and exits.

       The super-catalog located in /etc/sgml/catalog cannot be directly modified.  It is  gener‐
       ated  by the update-catalog --update-super command.  The generation considers files in the
       /etc/sgml directory that have a .cat extension.  For instance  files  ending  in  .old  or
       .disabled  are  not considered.  Before adding a catalog to the super catalog it is parsed
       and verified in order to not corrupt the super catalog.  All referenced catalogs are veri‐
       fied to actually exist.  If the check fails, a message is printed and the complete catalog
       is ignored.  This check ensures that a catalog from a package, which is  removed  but  not
       purged, is removed from the super catalog.

       Ardo van Rangelrooij 

       Copyright © 2001-2004 Ardo van Rangelrooij Copyright © 2012 Helmut Grohne

       This  is  free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or later for copying
       conditions.  There is no warranty.

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