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xfs_mkfile(8)                        System Manager's Manual                        xfs_mkfile(8)

       xfs_mkfile - create an XFS file

       xfs_mkfile [ -v ] [ -n ] [ -p ] size[k|b|m|g] filename ...
       xfs_mkfile -V

       xfs_mkfile  creates  one  or  more  files. The file is padded with zeroes by default.  The
       default size is in bytes, but it can be flagged as kilobytes, blocks, megabytes, or  giga‐
       bytes with the k, b, m, or g suffixes, respectively.

       -v     Verbose. Report the names and sizes of created files.

       -n     No  bytes.  Create  a holey file - that is, do not write out any data, just seek to
              end of file and write a block.

       -p     Preallocate.  The file is preallocated, then overwritten with  zeroes,  then  trun‐
              cated to the desired size.

       -V     Prints the version number and exits.



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