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This is a shell script to get the resource utilization
information from system which are running Linux kernel.
This script has been tested on free licensed OS like
Debian(7,8,9,10), CEntOS(6,7)
and it worked fine, as expected output.
Functionality of CEntOS and RHEL are similar so this
script should work RHEL OS.
This shell script is example of a agent less to gather
information of remote system. This script provide information
about available space of resources for now it has include
RAM, CPU, Disk.

Shell script to create temporary user which get deleted
with it's home directory after logout.
This is a collection of a shell script which
can be use as an example to refer if require someday


Unlock code for BIOS setup
Most of the modern Laptop lockdown itself if there was
multiple tries to unlock BIOS which password has been forgotten
Quick and easy way to recover BIOS passwords on laptops.When a
laptop is locked with BIOS password and

get your link shorter
Make long URL of website in to short link.
It can be useful while sharing a URL.

what is my IP?
Find out what is your public IP Address.
Still now it only show Version 4 IP Address.
Below is the example to get IP address in command-line shell.

| curl |

Linux System error code list

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