usage: /bin/cmmds-tool  
       add                 Adds an entry from stdin. On successful exit the
                           entry is guaranteed to be in the directory
       delete              Deletes matching entries. On successful exit the 
                           entry will be deleted from the directory
       dump                Dumps first matching entry to stdout
       find                Finds matching entries
       async               Asynchronously Finds matching entries
       wait                Waits for a matching entry to appear
       waitdump            Waits for a matching entry to appear and dumps 
                           the entry to stdout
       waitformembership   Waits for a membership entry to appear
       whoami              Get the node's uuid as used in the sub-cluster
       amimember           Check if I am the member in the current sub-cluster
       readdump            Reads a cmmds directory dump from a file 
                           (specified with -d/--dumpfile) and 
                           o/p to stdout in a given format specified 
                           using -f option. 
       -o/--owner=:      Entry owner
       -u/--uuid=:       Entry uuid
       -t/--type=|: Entry type
       -r/--rev=:         Entry revision (-1 for latest)
       -i/--timeout=:     Max time for wait (0 for infinite wait)
       -f/--format=:      Output format (fmt should be one of
                               json/python/simple. Default is 'simple'
       -d/--dumpfile=:   Filename to read the cmmds dump from.
       -p/--print-dump-hdr:    When CMMDS dump is read off the file, should
                               the dump file header be printed as well
       -v/--verbose=:     Verbosity level
       -m/--mangle:            Mangle / obfuscate human readable strings
       -h/--help:              Print this help text

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)