esxcfg-mpath  [--path=]
    -l|--list                     List all Paths on the system with their 
                                  detailed information.
    -L|--list-compact             List all Paths with abbreviated information 
    -m|--list-map                 List all Paths with adapter and device mappings.
    -b|--list-paths               List all devices with their corresponding paths.
    -G|--list-plugins             List all Multipathing Plugins loaded into the 
    -s|--state        Set the state for a specific LUN Path.  Requires 
                                  path UID or path Runtime Name in --path
    -P|--path                     Used to specify a specific path for operations. 
                                  The path name may be either the long Path UID or 
                                  the shorter runtime name of the path.  This can 
                                  be used to filter any of the list commands to 
                                  a specific path if applicable. 
    -d|--device                   Used to filter the list commands to display 
                                  only a specific device.
    -r|--restore                  Restore path setting to configured values 
                                  on system start. (INTERNAL USE ONLY)
    -h|--help                     Show this message. 

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)