Usage: esxcli.py [options] {namespace}+ {cmd} [cmd options]
                            Override the formatter to use for a given command.
                            Available formatter: csv, keyvalue, xml
      --debug               Enable debug or internal use options
      --version             Display version information for the script
      -?, --help            Display usage information for the script
    Available Namespaces:
      device                Device manager commands
      esxcli                Commands that operate on the esxcli system itself
                            allowing users to get additional information.
      fcoe                  VMware FCOE commands.
      graphics              VMware graphics commands.
      hardware              VMKernel hardware properties and commands for
                            configuring hardware.
      iscsi                 VMware iSCSI commands.
      network               Operations that pertain to the maintenance of
                            networking on an ESX host. This includes a wide
                            variety of commands to manipulate virtual networking
                            components (vswitch, portgroup, etc) as well as local
                            host IP, DNS and general host networking settings.
      nvme                  VMware NVMe driver esxcli extensions
      rdma                  Operations that pertain to remote direct memory access
                            (RDMA) protocol stack on an ESX host.
      sched                 VMKernel system properties and commands for
                            configuring scheduling related functionality.
      software              Manage the ESXi software image and packages
      storage               VMware storage commands.
      system                VMKernel system properties and commands for
                            configuring properties of the kernel core system and
                            related system services.
      vm                    A small number of operations that allow a user to
                            Control Virtual Machine operations.
      vsan                  VMware vSAN commands

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