Usage: esxhpcli  [options]
         This program serves as a CLI tool to access Host Profiles. The CLI tool
         is designed to test at various levels in the Host Profiles stack.
         Based on the operation level chosen, this CLI can invoke host profiles
         through Hostd via VI API, by invoking the Host Profile Engine directly,
         or bypassing the Host Profile Engine and invoking profile  plug-ins
         To get help for an individual command, use the --help option, e.g.:
            esxhpcli  --help
            cc, checkcompliance  --  Performs a check host compliance operation.
            rd, retrievedescription  --  Retrieves a description of the specified profile.
            qpol, querypolicymeta  --  Queries for policy metadata.
            ppl, posprofilelist  --  Retrieves a list of profiles that can be used in a profile list.
            gtlr, tasklistRequirement  --  Gets the task list requirement
            atl, applytasklist  --  Performs an apply task list operation.
            gtl, tasklist  --  Performs a generate task list operation.
            ep, extractprofile  --  Performs a profile extraction operation.
            vp, verify  --  Performs a verify profile operation.
            gaf, genanswerfile  --  Generates an Answer File for the given profile.
            qprof, queryprofilemeta  --  Queries for profile metadata.
            qexpr, queryexpressionmeta  --  Queries for compliance expression metadata.
            gd, gatherdata  --  Performs a host profile data gather operation.
          Available Modules:
              hpengine  --  Module that executes the CLI commands by
                  invoking the Host Profile Engine directly (i.e. does not
                  go through hostd).
          Default Module: hpengine

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)