Usage: esxhpedit [command] [options] 
         This program serves as an editor for host profiles that have been exported
         by the esxhpcli utility's "extractprofile" command. If no command is
         specified on the command line, then the interactive host profile editor
         will automatically be launched.
         To get help for an individual command, use the --help option, e.g.:
            esxhpedit  --help
            dp, displayprofile  --  Displays a profile
            rp, removeprofile  --  Removes the specified profile.
            fp, findprofiles  --  Finds paths for profiles matching some criteria
            gparms, getparameters  --  Displays the current parameters for a policy of the specified profile
            gpol, getpolicies  --  Lists the policy Ids for a specified profile
            epol, editpolicy  --  Edits the policy option and parameters of a policy.
            eaf, editanswerfile  --  Edits an answer file.
            gpos, getpossible  --  Displays the possible options for a policy of the specified profile
            se, setenabled  --  Sets the enabled status of a profile or profile type.
            gopt, getpolicyopt  --  Displays the currently selected option for a policy of the specified profile
            daf, answerfile  --  Displays the values currently set in an answer file
            cp, createprofile  --  Creates a new instance of the specified profile.
          Available Modules:
              hpengine  --  Module that executes the CLI commands by
                  invoking the Host Profile Engine directly (i.e. does not
                  go through hostd).
          Default Module: hpengine

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)