/bin/esxtop: unrecognized option '--help'
    usage: esxtop [-h] [-v] [-b] [-l] [-s] [-a] [-c config file] [-R vm-support-dir-path] 
                   [-d delay] [-n iterations]
                  [-export-entity entity-file] [-import-entity entity-file] 
                  -h prints this help menu.
                  -v prints version.
                  -b enables batch mode.
                  -l locks the esxtop objects to those available in the first snapshot.
                  -s enables secure mode.
                  -a show all statistics.
                  -c sets the esxtop configuration file, which by default is .esxtop60rc
                  -R enables replay mode.
                  -d sets the delay between updates in seconds.
                  -n runs esxtop for only n iterations. Use "-n infinity" to run esxtop forever.
                  -----Experimental Features-------------
                  -export-entity writes the entity ids into a file, which can be modified
                   to select interesting entities.
                  -import-entity reads the file of selected entities. If this opion 
                   is used, esxtop only shows the data for the selected entities.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)