Usage: /bin/hbrfilterctl   [command args]
      ba  : Print the active replication bitmap the the specified disk.
      bt  : Print the inactive replication bitmap the the specified disk.
      pr  : Print the disk length, bitmap length and extent for the secified disk.
      ts  []: Extract and transfer a light-weight delta for the specified disk.
      li  : Returns the File ID, Number of entries, copy index and size of the demand
      si  : Returns information about the full-sync process
      de  : Detaches a filter attach for offline replication 
                    log for the specified disk.
      fs  : Force a full sync of the specified disk.
      stats  : Returns stats for all (but at most ) groups.
    Ioctl to device is working.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)