/bin/isoinfo: Usage: /bin/isoinfo [options] -i filename
    	-help,-h	Print this help
    	-version	Print version info and exit
    	-debug		Print additional debug info
    	-d		Print information from the primary volume descriptor
    	-f		Generate output similar to 'find .  -print'
    	-J		Print information from Joliet extensions
    	-j charset	Use charset to display Joliet file names
    	-l		Generate output similar to 'ls -lR'
    	-p		Print Path Table
    	-R		Print information from Rock Ridge extensions
    	-s		Print file size infos in multiples of sector size (2048 bytes).
    	-N sector	Sector number where ISO image should start on CD
    	-T sector	Sector number where actual session starts on CD
    	-i filename	Filename to read ISO-9660 image from
    	dev=target	SCSI target to use as CD/DVD-Recorder
    	-x pathname	Extract specified file to stdout

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)