-h,--help                  display this help message
        --init                  run in init mode (this will cause vmsyslog to be
                                launched, and the start method to be invoked on the
        --invoke                run a particular method from the plugin's function
                                pointer table (requires --method)
        --method=       specifies the method identifier
                                comma separated list of plugins to load (note that 
                                this will prevent the loading of all plugins, and 
                                only the specified plugins will be loaded), which
                                are specified by the filename (basename of the
                                plugin path)
        --trace                 trace execution of the plugins for debugging 
        --verbose               logs plugin execution to syslog to aid in debugging
        --randomize[=seed]      evaluate the execution order randomizing the
                                order of independent jobs. Only useful for testing.
                                You can specify an optional seed for reproducibility
        --parallel              evaluate the execution order accounting for
                                parallelism between jobs which are independent
                                specify flags for conditional execution of plugins.
                                If there are multiple occurences of this option, the
                                last one is the only one that counts. See plugin
                                documentation for which plugins support flags.
        --interactive           prompts before performing the action, allowing
                                plugins to be skipped, executed, or to fall to a
                                troubleshooting shell
                                a comma separated list of plugins to be disabled
                                during execution, which are specified by the
                                filename (basename of the plugin path)
                                dump plugin dependency tree information to the file
                                specified by path.  If path is not specified, the
                                information will be dumped to the console
                                interactive mode requires the specified plugins to 
                                be loaded before it can be activated
                                run daemon operations (requires --method). The 
                                optional wait mode specifies whether jumpstart 
                                should wait for daemon start/stop to complete. 
                                Defaults to 'nowait' if unspecified.
                                specify how long jumpstart should wait for daemons 
                                to start/stop, before moving on to the next one.   
                                The default is 40 secs.                            

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)