Usage: kinit [-V] [-l lifetime] [-s start_time] 
    	[-r renewable_life] [-f | -F] [-p | -P] -n [-a | -A] [-C] 
    	[-v] [-R] [-k [-i|-t keytab_file]] [-c cachename] 
    	[-S service_name] [-T ticket_armor_cache]
    	[-X [=]] [principal]
        options:	-V verbose
    	-l lifetime
    	-s start time
    	-r renewable lifetime
    	-f forwardable
    	-F not forwardable
    	-p proxiable
    	-P not proxiable
    	-n anonymous
    	-a include addresses
    	-A do not include addresses
    	-v validate
    	-R renew
    	-C canonicalize
    	-E client is enterprise principal name
    	-k use keytab
    	-i use default client keytab (with -k)
    	-t filename of keytab to use
    	-c Kerberos 5 cache name
    	-S service
    	-T armor credential cache
    	-X [=]

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)