Usage: klist [-e] [-V] [[-c] [-l] [-A] [-d] [-f] [-s] [-a [-n]]] [-k [-t] [-K]] [name]
    	-c specifies credentials cache
    	-k specifies keytab
    	   (Default is credentials cache)
    	-i uses default client keytab if no name given
    	-l lists credential caches in collection
    	-A shows content of all credential caches
    	-e shows the encryption type
    	-V shows the Kerberos version and exits
    	options for credential caches:
    		-d shows the submitted authorization data types
    		-f shows credentials flags
    		-s sets exit status based on valid tgt existence
    		-a displays the address list
    			-n do not reverse-resolve
    	options for keytabs:
    		-t shows keytab entry timestamps
    		-K shows keytab entry keys

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)