Usage: logchannellogger [options]  []
           logchannellogger -r 
           logchannellogger -l
       -h        Display this usage information.
       -p        Return current contents non-destructively.
       -l        List the existing logChannels.
       -r        Reset the specified logchannel.
       -o        Log to syslog, instead of stderr.
       -n   Set process name.
       -R   Output rotation mode: shift, cycle, timestamp, or none (default: none).
       -s   Output rotation size, in MB (default: 10 MB).
       -m   Number of output rotations (default: 3).
       -z[] Compress output with gzip, using specified gzip level (default: 6).
       -i   Output flush interval, in uncompressed bytes (default: 131072).
       -S   Record size, in uncompressed bytes, or 0 if variable/unknown (default: 0).
       --aggressive   More frequent reads for heavy/bursty data

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