BusyBox v1.29.3 (2018-11-02 15:37:50 PDT) multi-call binary.
    Usage: ls [-1AaCxdLHRFplinshrSXvctu] [-w WIDTH] [FILE]...
    List directory contents
    	-1	One column output
    	-a	Include entries which start with .
    	-A	Like -a, but exclude . and ..
    	-x	List by lines
    	-d	List directory entries instead of contents
    	-L	Follow symlinks
    	-H	Follow symlinks on command line
    	-R	Recurse
    	-p	Append / to dir entries
    	-F	Append indicator (one of */=@|) to entries
    	-l	Long listing format
    	-i	List inode numbers
    	-n	List numeric UIDs and GIDs instead of names
    	-s	List allocated blocks
    	-lc	List ctime
    	-lu	List atime
    	--full-time	List full date and time
    	-h	Human readable sizes (1K 243M 2G)
    	-S	Sort by size
    	-X	Sort by extension
    	-v	Sort by version
    	-t	Sort by mtime
    	-tc	Sort by ctime
    	-tu	Sort by atime
    	-r	Reverse sort order
    	-w N	Format N columns wide
    	--color[={always,never,auto}]	Control coloring

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)