-l                 : List ports in system
    	 -a                 : Print absolute counts instead of per second counts
    	 -c :   : specify vsi-cache files instead of live kernel
    	 -d          : verbose/debug level
    	 -f                 : ignore version check
    	 -h                 : this message
    	 -i       : Interval for stats collection (default=30 seconds)
    	 -n     : number of iterations to run (default = 1)
    	 -o        : output file
     Specify ports of interest as one of (Prioritized List of options)
    	 -A                 : Get stats for all ports on host
    	 -S     : switch name
    		 Lists stats for all non mgmt/test ports
    	 -N       : pnic name
    		 List stats for all ports on switch that contains 'N'
    	 -V         : VM name
    		 Find switches that contains the VM's ports. Print stats for VM's ports and uplinks
    	 -s                 : Get storage world and worldlet stats
    	 -I                 : Get SCSI and VSCSI storage I/O stats
    	 -D           : Name of SCSI device/adapter/path or VM
    	                      To be used along with storage stat specs
    	                      Can be used multiple times
    	                      eg: net-stats -I -ta -D vmhba0 -D vmhba1
     OR specify port spec on command line
    	 -p         : portNum
    	 -t           : specify a string with types of stats needed
     OR specify port spec in a config file
    	 -C        : config file to read stats from
    		 File Format:  
    Stats Spec can contain one or more of these characters
    		 c : Coalesce Stats: Only for vnics
    		 i : Interrupt stats: Only for vmnics
    		 h : Cluster and Packet size histograms
    		 v : virtual nic stats
    		 e : Detailed error stats 
    		 q : Queue Stats for port/nic
    		 Q : Detailed Queue stats for the port/nic/wdt
    		 f : Detailed Queue filter information for port/nic
    		 W : worldlet stats for the txwdt, vmnic/vmknic wdts
    		 V : vcpu histograms
    		 S : System time breakdown by pcpus
    		 n : NIOC stats
    		 p : Passthru/sriov stats
    		 P : Detailed sriov/passthru stats
    		 E : Enable stats collection for ENS module
    Stats Spec for Storage stats (-I)
    		 d : SCSI Device Stats
    		 a : SCSI Adapter Stats
    		 t : SCSI Path Stats
    		 s : VSCSI Stats
    	net-stats reads multiple vsi nodes, one at a time, using system calls
    	As data in the vsi nodes are continuously updated, there is going to
    	be some inconsistency in numbers, hopefully, not a lot

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)