ntp-keygen (ntp) - Create a NTP host key - Ver. 4.2.8p12
    Usage:  ntp-keygen [ - [] | --[{=| }] ]...
      Flg Arg Option-Name    Description
       -b Num imbits         identity modulus bits
    				- it must be in the range:
    				  256 to 2048
       -c Str certificate    certificate scheme
       -C Str cipher         privatekey cipher
       -d no  debug-level    Increase debug verbosity level
    				- may appear multiple times
       -D Num set-debug-level Set the debug verbosity level
    				- may appear multiple times
       -e no  id-key         Write IFF or GQ identity keys
       -G no  gq-params      Generate GQ parameters and keys
       -H no  host-key       generate RSA host key
       -I no  iffkey         generate IFF parameters
       -i Str ident          set Autokey group name
       -l Num lifetime       set certificate lifetime
       -m Num modulus        prime modulus
    				- it must be in the range:
    				  256 to 2048
       -M no  md5key         generate symmetric keys
       -P no  pvt-cert       generate PC private certificate
       -p Str password       local private password
       -q Str export-passwd  export IFF or GQ group keys with password
       -s Str subject-name   set host and optionally group name
       -S Str sign-key       generate sign key (RSA or DSA)
       -T no  trusted-cert   trusted certificate (TC scheme)
       -V Num mv-params      generate  MV parameters
       -v Num mv-keys        update  MV keys
          opt version        output version information and exit
       -? no  help           display extended usage information and exit
       -! no  more-help      extended usage information passed thru pager
       -> opt save-opts      save the option state to a config file
       -< Str load-opts      load options from a config file
    				- disabled as '--no-load-opts'
    				- may appear multiple times
    Options are specified by doubled hyphens and their name or by a single
    hyphen and the flag character.
    The following option preset mechanisms are supported:
     - reading file $HOME/.ntprc
     - reading file ./.ntprc
     - examining environment variables named NTP_KEYGEN_*
    Please send bug reports to:  

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)