Usage: /bin/pcscd options
      -a, --apdu		log APDU commands and results
      -c, --config		path to reader.conf
      -f, --foreground	run in foreground (no daemon),
          --stdout		send logs to stdout instead of syslog
      -T, --color		force use of colored logs
      -h, --help		display usage information
      -H, --hotplug		ask the daemon to rescan the available readers
      -v, --version		display the program version number
      -d, --debug		display lower level debug messages
          --info		display info level debug messages
      -e  --error		display error level debug messages (default level)
      -C  --critical	display critical only level debug messages
      --force-reader-polling ignore the IFD_GENERATE_HOTPLUG reader capability
      -t, --max-thread	maximum number of threads (default 200)
      -s, --max-card-handle-per-thread	maximum number of card handle per thread (default: 200)
      -r, --max-card-handle-per-reader	maximum number of card handle per reader (default: 200)
      -x, --auto-exit	pcscd will quit after 60 seconds of inactivity

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)