ping [args] [host]
          -4               use IPv4 (default)
          -6               use IPv6
          -c        set packet count
          -d               set DF bit (IPv4) or disable fragmentation (IPv6)
          -D               vmkernel TCP stack debug mode
          -i     set interval (secs)
          -I    outgoing interface - for IPv6 scope or IPv4
                           bypasses routing lookup
          -N     set IP*_NEXTHOP - bypasses routing lookup
                           for IPv4, -I option is required
          -s         set the number of ICMP data bytes to be sent.
                           The default is 56, which translates to a 64 byte
                           ICMP frame when added to the 8 byte ICMP header.
                           (Note: these sizes does not include the IP header).
          -t          set IPv4 Time To Live or IPv6 Hop Limit
          -v               verbose
          -W      set timeout to wait if no responses are
                           received (secs)
          -X               XML output format for esxcli framework.
          -S               The network stack instance name. If unspecified
                           the default netstack instance is used.
       NOTE: In vmkernel TCP debug mode, vmkping traverses
             VSI and pings various configured addresses.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)