Check passphrase quality.
    For each passphrase to check, pwqcheck reads up to 3 lines from standard input:
      first line is a new passphrase,
      second line is an old passphrase, and
      third line is either an existing account name or a passwd entry.
    Usage: pwqcheck [options]
    Valid options are:
           set minimum allowed lengths for different kinds of passphrases;
           set maximum allowed passphrase length;
           set number of words required for a passphrase;
           set length of common substring in substring check;
           load config FILE in passwdqc.conf format;
           read just 1 line (new passphrase);
           read just 2 lines (new and old passphrases);
           check multiple passphrases (until EOF);
           print program version and exit;
      -h or --help
           print this help text and exit.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)