/bin/remoteDeviceConnect: unrecognized option '--help'
    VMware remote Device Connect
    Usage: /bin/remoteDeviceConnect OPTIONS filename
      -h         : Hostname (localhost)
      -p         : Port to connect to (63079, 902 for authd)
      -t           : (Req.) cd-raw, cd-iso, cd-normal, cd-raw-ex, floppy
      -d         : (Req.) device node to connect to (floppy0, ideX:Y)
      -n         : The VM's floppy drive number
      -f         : FileType
      -A                 : Use Authd to connect
      -U         : Username for authd (your username)
      -V         : The VM to use. (NULL)
      -P         : Password.  If omitted, prompt for a password if
                         : necessary.  Supplying passwords as command-line
                         : arguments is insecure and is discouraged.
      -T     : Expected host thumbprint for hostname
      -a           : USB arbitrator socket path
       --info            : Display info log messages
       --verbose         : Display verbose log messages
       --trivia          : Display trivia log messages
       --debug {0,10}    : Display debug log messages
       remoteDeviceConnect -t floppy -d floppy0 -f device /dev/fd0
       remoteDeviceConnect -t floppy -d floppy0 -f file image.flp
       remoteDeviceConnect -t cd-iso -d ide0:0 -A -h host -T thumbprint image.iso
       remoteDeviceConnect -t usb "path:2/1 vid:0x0547 pid:0x2131"

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)