Storage DRS Injector-- This tool helps build device model 
                 of a datastore in order to enable Storage DRS 
                 initial placement and load balancing decisions.
    The following options are available:
       -h, --help will print the usage
       -s, --sleepTime in ms for periodic execution (default 4000 ms)
       -u, --upper bound on the length of lun queue
       -i, --injectorOIO, set upper bound on the number ofoutstanding IOs it can issue. 0 disables.
       -I, --injectorRounds, number of rounds between consecutive injector
            runs. The length of each round is based on the --sleepTime
       -N ignore device idleness.
       -v, --debug log level value
       -C, --turn on correlator.
       -1, --once, run once in the specified device and print results.
    rcInjector Usage:
           rcInjector [options]

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)