sntp - standard Simple Network Time Protocol client program - Ver. 4.2.8p12
    Usage:  sntp [ - [] | --[{=| }] ]... \
    		[ hostname-or-IP ...]
      Flg Arg Option-Name    Description
       -4 no  ipv4           Force IPv4 DNS name resolution
    				- prohibits the option 'ipv6'
       -6 no  ipv6           Force IPv6 DNS name resolution
    				- prohibits the option 'ipv4'
       -a Num authentication Enable authentication with the key auth-keynumber
       -b Str broadcast      Listen to the address specified for broadcast time sync
    				- may appear multiple times
       -c Str concurrent     Concurrently query all IPs returned for host-name
    				- may appear multiple times
       -d no  debug-level    Increase debug verbosity level
    				- may appear multiple times
       -D Num set-debug-level Set the debug verbosity level
    				- may appear multiple times
       -g Num gap            The gap (in milliseconds) between time requests
       -K Fil kod            KoD history filename
       -k Fil keyfile        Look in this file for the key specified with -a
       -l Fil logfile        Log to specified logfile
       -M Num steplimit      Adjustments less than steplimit msec will be slewed
    				- it must be in the range:
    				  greater than or equal to 0
       -o Num ntpversion     Send int as our NTP protocol version
    				- it must be in the range:
    				  0 to 7
       -r no  usereservedport Use the NTP Reserved Port (port 123)
       -S no  step           OK to 'step' the time with settimeofday(2)
       -s no  slew           OK to 'slew' the time with adjtime(2)
       -t Num timeout        The number of seconds to wait for responses
          no  wait           Wait for pending replies (if not setting the time)
    				- disabled as '--no-wait'
    				- enabled by default
          opt version        output version information and exit
       -? no  help           display extended usage information and exit
       -! no  more-help      extended usage information passed thru pager
       -> opt save-opts      save the option state to a config file
       -< Str load-opts      load options from a config file
    				- disabled as '--no-load-opts'
    				- may appear multiple times
    Options are specified by doubled hyphens and their name or by a single
    hyphen and the flag character.
    The following option preset mechanisms are supported:
     - reading file $HOME/.ntprc
     - reading file ./.ntprc
     - examining environment variables named SNTP_*
    Please send bug reports to:  

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)