BusyBox v1.29.3 (2018-11-02 15:37:50 PDT) multi-call binary.
    Usage: sort [-nrugMcszbdfiokt] [-o FILE] [-k start[.offset][opts][,end[.offset][opts]] [-t CHAR] [FILE]...
    Sort lines of text
    	-o FILE	Output to FILE
    	-c	Check whether input is sorted
    	-b	Ignore leading blanks
    	-f	Ignore case
    	-i	Ignore unprintable characters
    	-d	Dictionary order (blank or alphanumeric only)
    	-n	Sort numbers
    	-g	General numerical sort
    	-M	Sort month
    	-t CHAR	Field separator
    	-k N[,M] Sort by Nth field
    	-r	Reverse sort order
    	-s	Stable (don't sort ties alphabetically)
    	-u	Suppress duplicate lines
    	-z	Lines are terminated by NUL, not newline

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)