Default Values:
    SleepTime: 4000
    Threshold: 30
    Gamma: 0.25
    Beta-per-host: 4.00
    LowerBound: 4
    UpperBound: 64
      Storage I/O Control-- This tool does flow control at the host 
                    in order to maintain disk I/O latency close to a 
                    threshold and queue sizes converge at values 
                    proportional to the beta parameter.
      The following histogram related options are available:
         -a, --print the list of all luns, their latency threshold,
               queue depths and if Storage I/O Control is set/unset
         -b, --Beta per host value (default 4.00)
         -c, --maxStatsCycleLatency sets the maximum valid latency in 
               seconds for a stats computation cycle on a device
         -f, --force the run without checking version or checksum
         -g, --defGamma value for use in control equation
         -h, --help will print the usage
         -l, --lower bound on the length of lun queue, (default 4)
         -n, --no anomaly detection is done
         -r, --reset issue queue for all luns to default
         -s, --sleepTime in ms for periodic execution (default 4000 ms)
         -t, --congestion threshold for SIOC (in ms) (default 30 ms)
         -u, --upper bound on the length of lun queue
         -i, --injectorOIO, set upper bound on the number ofoutstanding IOs it can issue. 0 disables.
         -I, --injectorRounds, number of rounds between consecutive injector runs.
              The length of each round is based on the --sleepTime parameter.
         -w, --retryWait sets the delay in seconds before retrying an unresponsive device.
         -v, --debug log level value
         -C, --turn on correlator.
      storageRM Usage:
             storageRM [options]

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)