BusyBox v1.29.3 (2018-11-02 15:37:50 PDT) multi-call binary.
    Usage: tar c|x|t [-zJjahmvokO] [-f TARFILE] [-C DIR] [FILE]...
    Create, extract, or list files from a tar file
    	c	Create
    	x	Extract
    	t	List
    	-f FILE	Name of TARFILE ('-' for stdin/out)
    	-C DIR	Change to DIR before operation
    	-v	Verbose
    	-O	Extract to stdout
    	-m	Don't restore mtime
    	-o	Don't restore user:group
    	-k	Don't replace existing files
    	-z	(De)compress using gzip
    	-J	(De)compress using xz
    	-j	(De)compress using bzip2
    	-a	(De)compress using lzma
    	-h	Follow symlinks

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)