Version 1.4a12
    Usage: traceroute [-dFnrUvxX] [-f first_ttl] [-i iface] [-m max_ttl]
    	[-p port] [-q nqueries] [-s src_addr] [-t tos]
    	[-w waittime] [-z pausemsecs] host [packetlen]
     -d             Enable socket level debugging
     -F             Do not fragment packets
     -f first_ttl   Start from the first_ttl hop (intead of 1)
     -i device      Specify a VMKNIC to operate with
     -m max_ttl     Set the max number of hops (max TTL to be reached). Default is 30
     -n             Do not resolve IP addresses to their domain names
     -p port        Set the destination port to use.
                    For the default UDP method this is the initial port, incremented each probe
                    For the ICMP method this is the initial seq number, incremented each probe
     -q nqueries    Set the number of probes per each hop. Default is 3
     -r             Bypass the normal routing and send directly to a host on an attached network
     -s src_addr    Use src_addr for outgoing packets
     -t tos         Set the Type Of Service value for outgoing packets
     -U             Use UDP packets instead of ICMP ECHO for tracerouting
     -v             More verbose output
     -w waittime    Set wait time for response to a probe
     -x             Compute IP checksums
     -X             Output results in XML format
     -z pausemsecs  Delay to pause for before sending first probe

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)