usage: vdq  
    -h|--help                 Output usage.
    -q|--query                Query all disks for eligibility for VSAN usage.
                              May be used with --devices to limit the query to
                              only those devices.
    -i|--info                 Dump out known VSAN disk mappings.
    -s|--stamp                Read 512 bytes of the given device and output its
                              contents as though it were stamped with a current
                              valid VSAN_Metadata.
                              When used, vdq will return 0 if there is confidence
                              that the read stamping is sane (has a valid checksum
    -H|--human                Emit human-readable output (default output Python).
    -d|--devices    Used to specify devices for use with --query.  For
                              these, devices names should be formatted as the
                              so-called SCSI disk canonical name.
                              Example: "mpx.vmhba2:C0:T0:L0"
                              Multiple devices may be specified by delimiting them
                              with ",".
                              Example: "mpx.vmhba2:C0:T0:L0,mpx.vmhba2:C0:T1:L0"
    -v|--verbose              Emit verbose information to stderr.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)