usage: vm-support [-h] [-g GROUPS] [-a MANIFESTS] [-e EXCLUDEMANIFESTS]
                      [--manifestdir MANIFESTDIR] [-w WORKINGDIR] [-s]
                      [-E ERRORFILE] [-l] [-z] [-o] [--listmanifests] [-G] [-t]
                      [-p] [-d DURATION] [-i INTERVAL] [-v VM] [-V]
                      [--action-threads ACTIONTHREADS] [-L] [-D] [-q]
                      [--loglevel LOGLEVEL] [--version] [--allow-infinite-actions]
                      [--default-timeout DEFAULTTIMEOUT] [--ignore-timeouts]
                      [-r DIRECTORY] [-x BUNDLE [DIRECTORY ...]]
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -g GROUPS, --groups GROUPS
                            Specify manifest groups. See --listgroups.
      -a MANIFESTS, --manifests MANIFESTS
                            Specify manifest files. See --listmanifests.
                            Exclude the listed manifests. See --listmanifests.
      --manifestdir MANIFESTDIR
                            Location to search for manifest files.
      -w WORKINGDIR, --workingdir WORKINGDIR
                            Archive destination.
      -s, --stream          Stream data to stdout.
      -E ERRORFILE, --errorfile ERRORFILE
                            Prints (non-fatal) errors to specified file (overrides
                            --quiet and --stream).
      -l, --listfiles       At the end print all gathered files.
      -z, --zip             Archive bundle in zip format. Default is a gzipped tar
      -o, --obfuscate       Obfucate hostname in archive path.
      --listmanifests       List available manifests.
      -G, --listgroups      List available manifest groups.
      -t, --listtags        List available manifest tags.
    Perfomance measurement:
      -p, --performance     Gather performance data.
      -d DURATION, --duration DURATION
                            Duration of performance monitoring (in seconds).
      -i INTERVAL, --interval INTERVAL
                            Interval between performance snapshots (in seconds).
    VM options:
      -v VM, --vm VM        Gather detailed information about this specific VM (ie
                            --vm )
      -V, --listvms         List registered VMs.
    Parallel execution:
      --action-threads ACTIONTHREADS
                            Specify the number of actions that will run in
      -L, --legacy          Run in legacy mode (no parallel execution).
      -D, --dryrun          Prints out the data that would have been gathered.
      -q, --quiet           Output only the location of the bundle.
      --loglevel LOGLEVEL   Set logging to specified level: 0-50 (0=most verbose).
      --version             Display the version.
                            Wait indefinitely for actions to finish. Use with
      --default-timeout DEFAULTTIMEOUT
                            Set default timeout (300s) for actions without a
                            specified TIMEOUT option. It is ignored when --allow-
                            infinite-actions is used.
      --ignore-timeouts     Ignore TIMEOUTs as specified in manifest files and use
                            the default timeout.
    Reconstruct vm-support bundle:
      -r DIRECTORY, --reconstruct DIRECTORY
                            Unfragment a support bundle directory.
      -x BUNDLE [DIRECTORY ...], --extract BUNDLE [DIRECTORY ...]
                            Extract and reconstruct support bundle.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)