Usage: vmkbacktrace [options]
    where options are:
    	-h   --help           this message
    	-s   --stdout         stream result to stdout (used by vm-support)
    	-d   --dir            specify output directory
    	-o   --output         specify output file name pattern
    	-i   --id             specify process id
    	-n   --name           specify process name 
    	-t   --text           text output (default)
    	-b   --binary         binary output
    	-v   --verbose        verbose messaging
    	-q   --quiet          suppress error messages
    	-c   --livecore       generate gdb live core at /var/core/
    	-w   --livecore-wait  generate gdb live core at /var/core/ and wait for its completion
    	-l   --livecore-name  specify live core name to be generated at /var/core/
    	-f   --force-write    overwrite output file if it already exists
    Old style usage:
    	vmkbacktrace [-s] process-id [[output-path] output-name]
    	-s option prints to standard out instead of a file

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)