vmkiscsi-tool  -h --help
                   -A --Authentication
                   -B --Debug
                   -C --connection
                   -D --discovery
                   -E --session
                   -I --iSCSIname
                   -L --Lun
                   -M --MTU
                   -N --Network: network properties
                   -O --Associate: Associate/Disassociate route.
                   -P --Phba
                   -R --discoveryStatus : Print discovery status.
                   -S --static: Static Discovery Targets
                   -T --Target
                   -U --Route: Route table.
                   -V --Nic
                   -W --Parameter
                   -X --Reset
                   -Y --SetNicList
                   -c --ipconfig: enable/disable DHCP, ARP redirect
                   -d --dnsserver
                   -e --ethernet: Link Status
                   -g --gateway
                   -i --ipAddress
                   -k --Alias
                   -n --iSNS
                   -p --Pnp: Physical Network Portal properties (pnic)
                   -q --Lnp: Logical Network Portal properties (vmknic)
                   -s --subnetmask
                   -v --version
                   -l --list
                   -r --remove
                   -a --add
                   -m --authMethod : specify method for add/remove
                   -b --mutual CHAP
                   -j --persist changes
                   -y --per dynamic discovery
                   -x --per static discovery
                   -z --per network portal (binded vmknic)
                   -t --per target
                   -u --per isid(session)
                   -f --flag: set a discovery or authentication flag
    Combine -l with an option to display the current information.
    IP address may be IPv4_addr, IPv4_addr:port, IPv6_addr or [IPv6_addr]:port
    *** WARNING: vmkiscsi-tool is deprecated and may be eliminated in later versions of ESXi. Please use the "esxcli iscsi ..." commands instead.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)