Usage: vmkperf command [options]
    start     [eventName]      start event
    poll      [eventName]      poll event periodically
    stop      [eventName|all]  stop given event or all active events
    read      [eventName|all]  read given event or all active events
    reset                      reset all active events
    listpmc                    list all counters and their info
    listevents                 list all active and pre-defined events and their info
    startwdstats               enable worldstats collection
    stopwdstats                disable worldstats collection
    -u|--unitmask   format 0xff
    -e|--eventsel   format 0xff
    -r|--register   format 0xff - must be greater than 32-bits
    -i|--interval   interval for poll command, default is 5 seconds
    -o|--offcore    request|response type masks for offcore event; format 0xab:0xcd
    -f|--format      output format for poll command
    -n|--num        number of iterations for poll command, default:1
    -w|--world       read/poll per world info, instead of per pcpu
    -m|--numa       Monitor event per numa node instead of per core
    -t|--type       Type of counter to be used. 0 - general, 1 - fixed,                           Default is 0.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)