vmtoolsd [OPTION…]
    Runs the VMware Tools daemon.
    Help Options:
      -h, --help                   Show help options
    Application Options:
      -n, --name=svcname           Name of the service being started.
      --common-path=path           Path to the common plugin directory.
      -p, --plugin-path=path       Path to the plugin directory.
      --cmd=command                Sends an RPC command to the host and exits.
      -b, --background=pidfile     Runs in the background and creates a pid file.
      --blockFd=fd                 File descriptor for the VMware blocking fs.
      --uinputFd=fd                File descriptor for the uinput device.
      -c, --config=path            Uses the config file at the given path.
      -g, --debug=path             Runs in debug mode, using the given plugin.
      -l, --log                    Ignored, kept for backwards compatibility.
      -v, --version                Prints the daemon version and exits.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)