vmware-vprobe [--vmk] [--vm=VM [--vm=VM ...]] [options] [script [script ...]]
      -m VM, --vm=VM    Run against a VM, specified by the path to its vmx file.
                        Can be specified multiple times to probe multiple VMs.
      -k, --vmk         Run against the VMKernel. Can be passed with the --vm=VM
                        option to probe multiple domains.
      -a, --aggr        Log and clear the aggregates once per second.
      -B PATH, --dbpath=PATH
                        Add PATH to the head of the list of directories to
                        search for symbol databases.
      -b, --bootscript  Load a boot script.
      -c SCRIPT, --code=SCRIPT
                        Load and run the string SCRIPT against a given target.
      -D MACRO[=DEFN], --macro=MACRO[=DEFN]
                        Define a macro in the script.
      -d TIME, --duration=TIME
                        Run the script for TIME seconds and then unload it.
      -f FILE, --outfile=FILE
                        Redirect output to FILE.
      -g, --listGlobals List globals in a given target.
      -h, --help        Show this help message and exit.
      -I PATH, --incpath=PATH
                        Add PATH to the head of the list of directories to
                        search for include files.
      -l, --load        Load script in headless mode.
      -o, --output      Print output from a script running in headless mode.
      -p, --listProbes  List static probes in a given target.
      -v, --verbose     Shows details about a vprobes session. Each occurrence
                        of this option increases the verbosity level by one.
      -r, --reset       Reset vprobes in the given target, unloading
                        running scripts if any.
      -s FILE, --symfile=FILE
                        Symbol file for resolving GUEST probes.
      --syslog          Redirect output to syslog.
      -t [MOD.]FUNC[:N], --trace=[MOD.]FUNC[:N]
                        Trace function FUNC in module MOD, and, optionally,
                        its N arguments. MOD is optional an defaults to vmkernel.
      --userPoke=INTVAL Invoke UserPoke static probe in VMKernel, with
                        INTVAL passed as an argument. Can be used multiple
                        times to pass more than one INTVAL argument.
      You can probe VMkernel during the boot process, immediately after the
      vprobes module is loaded. To do this you must install the boot script
      prior to rebooting the system, using the --bootscript,-b command line
      You can probe a VM as it is being powered-on by specifying the local
      path to its configuration file (.vmx file), along with the command
      line option --bootscript,-b. VProbes will load your script as soon as
      the target VM powers-on or resumes from a checkpoint. To enable boot
      probing in a VM, you must add the following config option to the VM's
      configuration file.
      Output from a boot script can be retrieved using --output option.
      Use the --reset option to unload the script, and a combination of
      --reset and --bootscript to permanently uninstall a boot script.

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)