Usage: /bin/watchdog.sh [-n] -a|-s|-k|-r  [(options)] 
       Start the watchdog: /bin/watchdog.sh -s  [-u ] [-q ] [-a ] [-t ] [-i ] 
       Start the watchdog in background: /bin/watchdog.sh -d -s  [-u ] [-q ] [-a ] [-t ] [-i ] 
       Kill a running watchdog: /bin/watchdog.sh -k 
       Query whether a watchdog is running: /bin/watchdog.sh -r 
       Suppress logging: -n
       Immortal mode: -i 
       In immortal mode instead of exiting after max_quick_failures watchdog sleeps for respawn_delay seconds and retries.
       Reboot system when quick failures exceed max quick failures: -a

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)