BusyBox v1.29.3 (2018-11-02 15:37:50 PDT) multi-call binary.
    Usage: xargs [OPTIONS] [PROG ARGS]
    Run PROG on every item given by stdin
    	-p	Ask user whether to run each command
    	-r	Don't run command if input is empty
    	-0	Input is separated by NUL characters
    	-a FILE	Read from FILE instead of stdin
    	-t	Print the command on stderr before execution
    	-e[STR]	STR stops input processing
    	-n N	Pass no more than N args to PROG
    	-s N	Pass command line of no more than N bytes
    	-I STR	Replace STR within PROG ARGS with input line
    	-P N	Run up to N PROGs in parallel
    	-x	Exit if size is exceeded

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)