Usage: /bin/xkbcomp [options] input-file [ output-file ]
    Legal options:
    -?,-help             Print this message
    -a                   Show all actions
    -C                   Create a C header file
    -em1            Print  before printing first error message
    -emp            Print  at the start of each message line
    -eml            If there were any errors, print  before exiting
    -dflts               Compute defaults for missing parts
    -I[]            Specifies a top level directory for include
                         directives. Multiple directories are legal.
    -l [flags]           List matching maps in the specified files
                         f: list fully specified names
                         h: also list hidden maps
                         l: long listing (show flags)
                         p: also list partial maps
                         R: recursively list subdirectories
                         default is all options off
    -i         Specifies device ID (not name) to compile for
    -m[ap]          Specifies map to compile
    -o             Specifies output file name
    -opt[ional]   Specifies optional components of keymap
                         Errors in optional parts are not fatal
                          can be any combination of:
                         c: compat map         g: geometry
                         k: keycodes           s: symbols
                         t: types
    -R[]            Specifies the root directory for
                         relative path names
    -synch               Force synchronization
    -w []           Set warning level (0=none, 10=all)
    -xkb                 Create an XKB source (.xkb) file
    -xkm                 Create a compiled key map (.xkm) file

Designed by SanjuD(@ngineerbabu)