Run sudo without entering password.

The sudo command mostly use in a environment to have super user's
privilege but with some restrictions. There is a logging feature
which record every activity done with sudo command.

The /etc/sudoers file is a configuration file of sudo to restrict
use of super user's privilege.

In sudo command to be root user or to run any command with root user's
privilege it ask for current user's password while by adding below line
after running  # visudo  command it will not ask password
and it will authorise as a root.
User must re-login to use this configuration of sudo.

In sudo configuration file, group are represent with percentage (%) sign
before it's name. Like in below line wheel is a group and in this option
it is added as %wheel. If % sign is not mention before group name 
then that will known as user in sudo configuration file.
The NOPASSWD option is use in sudo for to not ask password.

Similarly instead of user we can give full root privilege to a script and
only that script will have root pemission instead of user.
 %wheel ALL = NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/scriptFile 

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