SETUPCON(1)                        Console-setup User's Manual                        SETUPCON(1)

       setupcon - sets up the font and the keyboard on the console

       setupcon [OPTION]... [VARIANT]

       setupcon is a program for fast and easy setup of the font and the keyboard on the console.
       Most of the time you invoke setupcon without arguments.   The  keyboard  configuration  is
       specified in ~/.keyboard or /etc/default/keyboard.  The font configuration is specified in
       ~/.console-setup or /etc/default/console-setup.  Consult keyboard(5) and  console-setup(5)
       for instructions how to configure these two files.

       If  you  have to switch often between different encodings, keyboards or languages, you can
       prepare several alternative configuration files for setupcon.  Suppose that  most  of  the
       time  you  will  use  Greek language with Greek keyboard layout, but sometimes you need to
       type in German with German keyboard layout.  In this situation you  should  customize  the
       main  configuration files (keyboard and console-setup) for Greek.  Create also alternative
       configuration files for German named keyboard.german and  console-setup.german.   Then  in
       order  to  configure  the  console for Greek you will simply run the command with no argu‐
       ments:  setupcon  and  in  order  to  configure  the  console  for  German  you  will  use
       setupcon german.

       -v, --verbose
              Be  more  verbose.   Use this option if something goes wrong or while experimenting
              with the configuration files.

       -k, --keyboard-only
              Setup the keyboard only, do not setup the font.

       -f, --font-only
              Setup the font only, do not setup the keyboard.

              Do not check whether we are on the console.  Notice that you can be forced to hard-
              reboot  your  computer  if you run setupcon with this option and the screen is con‐
              trolled by a X server.

       --save This option can be useful if you want to use setupcon early  in  the  boot  process
              while /usr is not yet mounted and the required data are not available.  This option
              will make setupcon copy the required files in /etc/console-setup/ in order to  make
              them  available  before  /usr  is  mounted.   If you use setupcon early in the boot
              process, then you should run it with this option after every change of the  console

              The  same as --save, but does not setup the keyboard and the font.  This option can
              be useful if you want to save the required files while the screen is controlled  by
              a X server.

       -h, --help
              Display usage information.

              Specifies  which  configuration file to use.  By default the configuration files of
              setupcon are named console-setup and keyboard but if you use e.g.  chukchi as VARI‐
              ANT   then   the   configuration  files  will  be  console-setup.chukchi  and  key‐
              board.chukchi.  In this way you can have easy access to several different  configu‐
              rations - for example one for the Chukchi language and another for the default con‐


       keyboard(5), console-setup(5)

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